bigger_bust_size_with_breast_activesWould you like to enhance the size of your chest? Although plastic surgery is an option, it may not be something that you truly want to do. If you would prefer to avoid going under the knife to get implants, there are some alternative options that will allow you to increase the size over a period of time. Even though these options may take a bit longer for you to see results than a surgery, they are both safe and effective.


Did you know certain exercises may help you enhance your beast size? Doing chest presses and other exercises with dumbbells often work wonders. You may want to grab one 5-10 pound dumbbell for each hand, lie down with your back on the floor and then bring your arms into the center of your body while holding them up in the air. Continue moving them up in the air and bringing them back down to the floor several times to start feeling the burn and seeing real results.


There are some foods that may help increase breast size too. In fact, fennel seeds and fenugreek are both options to consider. If you start adding them to your daily diet, it may not take too long for you to start seeing an improvement.

Gentle Massage

Giving yourself a gentle chest massage may help too. It is often best to apply the essential oils to the area before rubbing them in gently. Use your three fingers to massage the area in circles for a minute or two. Be sure to do the gentle massage at least twice a day on a daily basis to see the best results possible.

Not everyone wants to get plastic surgery. You may not like the idea of getting a surgery or you may not have the money to spend on it. Regardless of the reason behind not wanting to get breast implants, there are alternative options that will help you increase your breast size and feel more confident with your appearance.

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