Having male breasts is every man’s nightmare. No man would like or would be comfortable wearing a bra. In fact, having boobs makes men feel unattractive and drives down their self-esteem as well as their confidence. However, today more men are going for surgeries to reduce their boobs since the male breast problem has been on the rise. Male breasts are brought by two things. First is a medical condition known as gynecomasia that results from a low levels of testosterone, or higher levels of estrogen or hormonal imbalance. The second reason is having excess fats stored in the chest.

However, there are many ways to get rid of man breast for good. Some of the best ways include:

  1. Cardio

Cardio helps you to burn significant amounts of calories fast. This enables you to get the caloric deficit which is necessary to lose your man breasts. This involves a number of activities. First is interval training which sparks your metabolism into high gear. Second is running which is the best cardiovascular exercise to do for fat loss. Third is rowing using a rowing machine. This encompasses all your upper body muscles helping you sculpt your chest. An elliptical machine is also a good workout since it uses both arms and legs to burn calories. Sports are also important activities for cardiovascular workouts. They involve all bursts of movement hence burn even the stubborn body fat, hence, preventing the development of man breasts.

Methods to get rid of man boobs

  1. Strength Training

These exercises do not burn many calories but help to increase lean muscle mass. It also promotes the development of shapely and strong chests. This training involves seated chest press, cable crossovers, bench press and push-ups.

  1. Weight training

Weight training help men grow muscles which enable reduce the appearance of the man breasts. More muscle mass increases basal metabolic rate which assists in burning more fat at rest. In addition, resistance training using weights boosts testosterone levels in the body. Exercises such as the neck press, dips, incline push-ups and weighted push-ups are significant in training the chest. Weight training also involves training your upper back which helps develop a wide chest. However, to get huge testosterone boosts from this training, you should train the biggest muscles in your body which include the hamstrings and quadriceps.

  1. Diet

Among the reasons why men get male boobs, diet is the main cause. No matter how much work you put into getting rid of your male breast, you cannot get results if you don’t check your diet. The prime regulator of fat storage in the body is insulin. High insulin levels from sugary foods and high carbohydrate diet kills testosterone levels on top of making fat in your body. Therefore men with male boobs should avoid sugars and complex carbs such as pasta, rice, breads, cookies and cakes among others. In addition, it’s crucial to watch foods which affect testosterone and estrogen levels directly such as hormone-treated meat and alcohol.

Therefore, it is possible to get rid of man breast for good. However, cardio, weight training and strength training are not enough. The secret though lies in fixing your hormones. Foods such as avocados, nuts, organic beef and oysters boost testosterone levels. If men with this problem can be able to do the exercises, eat healthy foods and sort out their hormones, then their bodies will transform automatically hence solve the problem permanently.

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